The Dark Druid, Laridia

14-foot tall half-elf/half-green dragon. Doing bad things.


Tall as hell and driven to dominate, Laridia is a potent force and a dangerous threat. She is half-dragon and half-wood elf; her father was Uxinvoar the Noxious, whose death founded the The Adventurer’s Guild. Her mother was a drudic wood elf who fell for his dangerous charm.

Laridia is somehow using both drudic magic and necromancy in harmony, a feat long thought impossible. She seems to be using this strength to create an army of the dead and the verdure, though to what end no one is certain.

Being too tall for conventional clothes, she wears a gown of vegetation and bones. Her skin is a pale green with patches of green scales, and besides her draconic eyes she looks more elven than draconic.


The Dark Druid, Laridia

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